Host Game Q&A
  • How to create a game quickly?
  • Enter Spade logo tab and click ‘Create game’.
  • How to join a game?
  • Enter the game PIN to join.
  • Multiple settings for Creating a game
Require buy-in confirmation
When the require buy-in confirmation is ON, player’s buy-in confirmation notice will be send as message to the game creator, wait for the game creator approval for this buy-in.
Insurance mode is a popular mode in Asian regions. It’s available when the hand lower than 14 Outs.
Ban same GPS point & IP
For fair play reason, ban same GPS point is prohibit the players who near by existed player to join at the same table.
Ban same IP is prohibit the players who have same IP with existed player to join at the same table.
  • Host Options in game
  • (Straddle is only available for minimum 4 players on the table.)
  • Host options in game
  • Game creator can manage by clicking player’s profile photo to see the host options on the table screen.
    Kick out this player--Click ‘kick out’ can kick out this player after this hand. Once been kicked out the player is not allow to re-join this game.
    Force this player stand up--Click ‘stand up’ can force this player stand up after this hand. After been forced to stand up the player still can re-join this game.
  • When the game ends